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PÁGER | Mátra

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In the foothills of Mátra, a volcanic wine region, not too far west of Eger, has become an escape from living in the busy city of Budapest. Here we find Páger (pah-ger) winery. A small yet ambitious operation that has embraced natural winemaking since its existence. From the concrete fermentation tanks, to the once abandoned cellars and hand cranked presses, Mátyás Páger is definitely taking part in the Hungarian natural winemaking revolution. A picturesque narrow winding road with 180' turns opens up to a small leveled area, framed by a half dozen wine cellars, built into the hillside of which the road above descends from. Framed also by a small brook with a footbridge that leads to a newer extension of Páger's winery. Mátyás himself is soft spoken. He makes wine with the help of his wife, who lends her feet, and dance moves as she stomps on grapes atop an old wooden framed press. Time stops and slow living seems to consume you when visiting. This is believed to seep into every bottle of wine produced by Páger.

Pager 2021 Zoldveltelini natural orange wine_edited.png

2021 Zöldveltelíni (Natural)

Description: From the "Csátberek" parcel on 40 year old vines. Yield of 1kg/vine and only 400 bottles were made (one barrel). After pressing whole bunches, fermentation took place in 300L used Hungarian Kádár oak barrels. Fermented for 8 months on fine lees, then bottled with lees and without the addition of sulfur. The creamy texture of the fine lees makes the vibrant acidity integrated. Perfect with poultry and fish. The winemaker loves it with chicken Kiev.

Varieties: 100% Zöldveltelíni (a.k.a. Gruner Veltliner)
On the nose and palate: Typical to the variety, green apples and very nicely integrated notes of the barrel.
Alc. Vol.: 12.5%
RS: 1.2 g/l

Tramini Hungarian orange natural wine.png

2021 Tramini (Natural Orange)

Description: The fruit is from the "Urráteszi" parcel, a cooler microclimate that enhances and showcases the veriatals acidity. Berries are hand picked from bunches and fermented for two weeks in open fermentation vats. They pushed the berries under the juice gently twice daily, by hand. The winemaker and his wife pressed the grapes by stomping on them with their feet. After pressing it remained on fine lees for 9 months. The result is a stunning Aperol colored orange wine. It was bottled without filtration or clarification. Pairs well with pad-thai.

Varieties: 100% Tramini (a.k.a. Gewurztraminer) 
On the nose and palate: Herbaceous sent's with notes of mandarin orange and Aperol.
Alc. Vol.: 13.5%
RS: 0.8 g/l

Pager 2021 Fekete Leanyka natural red wi

2021 Feketeleányka (Natural)

Description: This grape variety originates from Transylvania and is harvested from Mátra’s best parcel, "Gereg". Vulcanic soil mixed with the residues of the old Pannonian sea, imparts a rich minerality to the wine. The fully ripened harvested grapes were fermented in cement vats for 3 weeks, then hand pressed and matured in 500L used Kádár Hungarian oak for 8 months. It was bottled without filtration with minimal amount of sulfites. Perfect with wild meats and BBQ.

Varieties: 100% Feketeleányka (a.k.a. Black Maiden)
On the nose and palate: A Uniqueness to the variety, pungent black forest berry notes, baking spices and peppercorns.
Alc. Vol.: 15%
RS: 3.0 g/l

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