Etyeki Kúria

Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc 



A daring Hungarian sparkling wine; the head winemaker, Sándor Mérész has singled out Sauvignon Blanc as the variety he’s been experimenting with the most in recent years. After three still interpretations from 2018, the time was right to truly question local conventions and make a sparkling wine in 2019. Following the principles of the Asti method and inspiration from South African examples, the Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc has become an instant success among both novice and seasoned wine lovers.


Fermentation/ Maturation: Fermentation from must in a pressure-resistant tank, followed by 2 months of maturation in tank before bottling.


Vintage: NV (2019 season designated by lot #)


Varieties: 100% Sauvignon Blanc


On the nose: White-fleshed peaches accompanied by lemons, candied lemon peel and juicy yellow pears


On the palate: Yellow grapefruit, yellow pears, light candy aromas


Alc. Vol.: 12% Residual Sugar: 10.5 g/l Acidity: 6.37 g/l


Country: Hungary Region: Etyek-Buda

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